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Thursday 6 March 2014

A Question of Perspective

Photographs can be very subjective. I slight change in crop, or a tilt of the camera can take the same subject and change the entire emotional feel of a photograph. Read this week's blog for some examples of this very thing.

A photo is the creation of an incredible moment. That moment might be happy, sad, thought provoking, or any other emotion you as the photographer would like to convey. But how exactly do you convey that message. It's all a question of perspective.

 Take for example the photo here. I feel like I'm being drawn in wanting to see what's around that little jog in the path. What wonders will I find in this overgrown greenery?

Now these two are interesting, the same model, and the same location two very different emotions. On the right the model is looking at something to his right. We don't know what it is but he is obviously curious about it. This opens up the viewer's mind to wonder what is interesting just out of view. Similar to the path above but no longer in the first person.

The photo below gives the feeling of sadness and depression. By shooting just above the subject and removing any reference of greenery, and focusing on the graffiti, we now have a sad depressed individual who we worry about.

There it is in a nut shell. A question of perspective. 3 photos, two of the same location and subject, but with entirely different emotions, feeling, and interpretations.

Let me know what you see and feel in the comment section below. I'm sure your perspective will be different than mine.

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